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The Secret Wisdom Concerning Good Luck, Grace and Blessings

This secret wisdom was written to provide spiritual assistance regarding material needs. The witnesses of this testament are informed that its validity depends on God, whether they are given to you, and depends on your spiritual status, whether you are deserved of the provision of wealth.

It is recorded in this testament about the wisdom concerning the acquisition of material wealth, to be used in dignified living and for helping both.

If your desire is bad, put this testament away, because the holy words in it will not work if the heart and spirit of the one who uses it is evil.

If your spirit is true, and it is natural for you to be helpful to others, family, if you pray sincerely you will not be deprived of God's help.

The validity of this testament depends on the user, and depends on God, if he will give you the appropriate authority to make wealth through this testament.

Don’t forget God and your neighbor, so that god’s grace will continue to come unstopped in your life.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file


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